• Dr. Ved Chirayath talks about his work with Nemo-Net Citizen Science game on AGU TV
  • National Geographic Explorer Dr. Ved Chirayath on Explorer Mindset: Citizen Science
  • Aircraft Center of Earth Studies field Campaign in Guam and Lana'i Hawai'i, respectively
  • Dr. Ved Chirayath and Graduate Student Stephanie Wright present at the Rosenstiel Schools Sea Secret Lecture Series
  • Introduction to Dr. Ved Chirayath
  • IUCN World Parks Congress with Sylvia Earl and Ved Chirayath
Our Living Oceans Our Living Ocean 
  • Watch ep 1 "Our Living Oceans" on EarthxTV
  • Watch ep 2 "Reefs and Mapping" on EarthxTV
  • Intro video of Fluid Lensing expedition in Samoa 2017
  • "Looking for evidence of past life on Mars" depicts how FluidLensing has a multi use application 
  • NASA Ames LAS MiDAR Augmented Machine Learning Visualization
  • NeMO Net Trailer showing the citizen science to classify corals

nat geo explores

  • Watch on National Geographic "How a legendary camera changed our ocean view"