ACES & the University of Guam Field Campaign 2022

The campaign began on the 20th of May 20 and commenced on the twentieth of June 2022.

The campaign imaged critical coral reef habitat in Tumon Bay, Piti Bomb Holes, Achang Reef, and Cocos Lagoon, validated with in-situ benthic survey methods, and introduced NeMO-Net, a citizen science game and supercomputer-based tool for classifying coral reefs, to middle school students, college undergraduates and graduate students, and families of all ages.  The high resolution 3D images of coral reefs generated by these campaigns will be used by ecosystem managers and imported into NeMO-Net as playable video game levels in a few months. This effort was supported by a grant from NASA, the Department of Agriculture in Guam, and The Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Center. Please find more information including our datasets at