May 2024 Tedx Talk

Dr. Ved Chirayath talks about his work with Nemo-Net Citizen Science game on AGU TV

National Geographic Explorer Dr. Ved Chirayath on Explorer Mindset: Citizen Science

Aircraft Center for Earth Studies Field Campaigns in Guam and Hawaii
Dr. Ved Chirayath and Graduate Student Stephanie Wright present at the Rosenstiel Schools Sea Secret Lecture Series

Dr. Ved Chirayath Introduction

IUCN World Parks Congress with Sylvia Earl and Ved Chirayath

Our Living Oceans on EarthxTV
Our Living Oceans Graphic Our Living Oceans Graphic
Fluid Lensing Introduction (2017 Samoa Expedition)

Fluid Lensing's Multi Use Application in "Looking for Evidence of Past Life on Mars"

NASA Ames LAS MiDAR Augmented Machine Learning Visualization

NeMO-Net Showing Citizen Scientists How to Classify Corals

National Geographic Explores "How a Legendary Camera Change Our Ocean View"

Nat Geo Explores Underwater Camera